Rice husk biochar

Biochar is a proven  soil conditioner that has been used for centuries in many parts of the world, with the first remains discovered in the Amazon from pre-Colombine times.  

Biochar  enhances water retention, improves nutrient retention and fertilizer efficiency  and significantly improves yields to varying degrees depending on the soil type, crop and application.  Our crop trials in Cambodia have shown up to 100% increases in marketable yields of horticulture crops. Biochar also stimulates the growth of healthy microorganisms in the soil, which improves resistance to unwanted pests and disease.  Finally biochar has been recognised by the IPCCC as a viable and scalable way to sequester carbon, a climate positive solution.  For every tonne added to the soil, we estimate that 1,83 tonnes of carbon are sequestered.

Prey Veng, Cambodia. Photo by Yeeyuen Kwong.

The international biochar market is growing, however, most companies target high value niche markets in developed countries.  We are creating a viable, scalable solution for making biochar accessible to smallholders in emerging economies.

Tmatboey, Preah Vihear, Cambodia. Photo by Heloise Buckland. 

We produce affordable organic, fair trade biochar from rice husk and reach farmers via existing rural distribution networks and producer cooperatives.

Buon Ma Thot Cooperative. Photo by Carol Rius.