We work in partnership with certified organic, fair trade, rice mill cooperatives.

Small and medium sized rice mills often have difficulties accessing finance to mechanise their rice paddy processing and therefore cannot compete with larger mills who can buy wet paddy from the farmers.

We help our partner mills access finance for paddy drying equipment and generate a supply of renewable energy from the biochar production. We also provide training, field demonstrations and support for an effective use of biochar for members of the cooperative.

We are based in Barcelona and produce biochar in Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in South East Asia and the world’s 10th largest rice producing nations. Our business model is designed for replication and scale.

Ba Phnom, Prey Veng. Photo by Yeeyuen Kwong.

Project partners (Cambodia):

COFE is a company specialized in processing, marketing and export of certified organic and fair trade rice and other premium products supplied by smallholder farmers. CEDAC is an NGO established in 1997 to develop sustainable small-scale rice farming systems in Cambodia.

With the introduction of the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in 2000, these small-scale rice farmers began producing surplus amounts of high quality rice. In 2004, CEDAC began focusing on market-oriented production of premium organic rice and linking farmers to buyers. Domestic sales began in 2005 and international markets in 2010.

We starting working in partnership with COFE and CEDAC in 2017.

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HUSK Ventures Cambodia

We are working in partnership with Cambodian Organic Farm Enterprise in Phnom Penh (COFE).  COFE, our local partner signed a distribution agreement to distribute products to their cooperative members of 2,500 smallholder rice farmers who diversify income with vegetable production and the wider collective of 5,000 smallholder farmers that are affiliated with CEDAC, Cambodia´s most established rural development NGO.

Khmer Modern Farming (KMF); a local contract farming organisation, has agreed to distribute our products to their client base in 2 provinces of Cambodia, and replace our locally produced products with imported versions.  KMF sells imported organic fertiliser, soil mix and natural pesticides to over 100 smallholder vegetable farmers in 2 provinces.

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