biochar products

We blend traditional wisdom with modern world class technology to offer farmers long term solutions to improve soil quality and increase crop yields.

We produce organic biochar, carbon based fertilizers and natural pesticides for smallholders. Biochar is a pure, high carbon form of charcoal that helps regenerate soils by enhancing water-holding capacity, nutrient uptake as well as stimulating microbial activity in the soil which improves resistance to unwanted pests and disease.  HUSK biochar products are suitable for all types of crops and can increase yields from the first application.

Organic Biochar

HUSK Organic Biochar can be used for vegetables, fruit and nut production and arable crops. We recommend integrating into seedling mixes, directly in beds with other nutrients and when transplanting trees. Made with certified organic, fair trade, rice husk this product suits organic and conventional farmers and is invaluable for restoring severely degraded soils.

Natural Insect Repellent

HUSK Natural Insect Repellent is a chemical-free way to deter common pests and is applied as a foliar spray on horticulture crops. It also stimulates root growth and microbial activity when applied to the soil. This product can be applied from seedling stage right up to harvest, helping farmers get a higher price for their naturally produced crops.

Carbon Based Fertilizer

We blend HUSK organic biochar with other byproducts from the rice industry, high quality vegetable based organic matter and essential nutrients and minerals from organic sources. This product gives farmers a ready-to-use solution for long term soil fertility as well as an immediate supply of key nutrients needed for healthy crops.

How do we make biochar?

We transform rice husk into biochar using world class technology installed at pioneering organic rice mills. By using an abundant source of biomass and minimising logistics we keep our production costs low and this helps ensure our products are affordable for smallholders.

We blend the biochar into carbon based fertilizers and natural pesticides to address some of the critical challenges faced by farmers in emerging economies, such as nutrient depleted soils and low resilience to pests and disease. So far our results in Cambodia show an average of 40% increase in crop yields which means higher revenues for farmers as well as a reduction in chemicals and irrigation costs.

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Our Research

Biochar Pellets for Rice

Since 2018 we work with the international agricultural research organisation CIRAD to find ways to maximise affordability for rice farmers. We are running long term trials on precision application of pelletized HUSK biochar and integration with cover crops.

Impact on Pepper

We are monitoring the impact of HUSK biochar on fair trade, organic pepper with the cooperative Farmlink in Kampot, Cambodia. Pepper is one of Cambodia´s high value crops for export, and the roots are highly sensitive to variations in soil moisture.

Horticulture Crop Trials

In 2019, SNV measured the increase in farmers´ yields using HUSK biochar on different fruit and vegetable crops. Results from 14 farms across 4 provinces showed an average of 29% yield increase. We continue to monitor yield increase with other partners, IDE and USAID.