Carbon Farming Hubs

We multiply our impact by working with others to regenerate soils, improve livelihoods and help farming communities adapt to climate change.

We provide technical and research support to create Carbon Farming Hubs, helping companies and communities to make, sell and apply biochar as part of the transition to more sustainable food production. We help organisations integrate biochar products into their supply chains, securing long term supply of quality crops, as well as providing producers with inputs for improving yields and renewable energy for crop drying. We support companies and cooperatives with a range of services from feasibility studies to business cases through to prototyping products, technology selection, getting biochar operations up and running and measuring impact. 

We have created a model for replication and scale and work with pioneering international organisations to make this happen.

Key to our capacity to scale our impact is working in partnership with other organisations committed to regenerative agriculture, food security and climate change adaptation and mitigation.  These include companies needing to secure supply chains by providing affordable and sustainable inputs, international development organisations, NGOs and foundations, technology providers and commercial biochar companies. We have worked in Vietnam and Cambodia and are developing projects in West Africa, South America and South East Asia. Carbon Farming Hubs are suited to any country where there is rice production and a need to improve the soil.

Our Experience

Behavioural Change

Since August 2019 we have been working with USAID to promote climate smart agriculture practices in the horticulture sector in their target provinces in Cambodia. We have developed a behavioural change programme working with champion farmers and demo farms to inspire peer to peer learning.

Market research in SE Asia

In 2019 we led a market analysis study on biochar for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation to assess opportunities in South East Asia. We analysed opportunities for three key sectors: agriculture, water filtration and activated carbon.

HUSK at COP Madrid

In partnership with the International Biochar Initiative HUSK held a workshop at COP Madrid in 2019. We brought together Individuals and organisations from biochar companies, pyrolysis technology providers, consultants, researchers and others to share knowledge on the role biochar plays in climate change.

Our Partners