2020 trials see average yield increase of 26% for 200 Cambodian farmers

This year we carried out our largest crop trials to date with 200 farmers in Battambang.

Between July and September 2020 smallholder vegetable farmers in Battambang carried out crop trials on 3 of our products: HUSK Organic Biochar, Natural Insect Repellent and our new Carbon Based Fertilizer. The effects of HUSK Organic Biochar on the crops were even better than expected, resulting in an average yield increase of 26% across the sample and across all three products we had an increase of 21%.

These trials were carried out with the support of USAID-funded project ‘Feed the Future Cambodia Harvest II’

Trial Methodology

  1. Farmers: 201 smallholder farmers in four different districts. 45% of the farmers were women.
  2. Districts in Battambang: Thmor Koul, Aek Phnom, Banan and Sangke.
  3. Crops analysed: 12 different crops including a selection of green leafy vegetables, staple crops and cash crops.
  4. 2 control plots and 2 trial plots of 15m each per farmer with total marketable yield measured for each.

Data Collection

In June 2020 we worked with agronomy students in Battambang to collect baseline data with the farmers taking part in the trials. As well as understanding their current production systems and sales revenues we also researched their soil types, key challenges and current fertilizer practice. 

During the trials, our local team visited the farmers with ongoing support and by September 2020 we collected the results from the trials.. 

Students collecting baseline data hold bottles of HUSK Carbon Based Fertilizer

Key results

  • Across all products the average yield increase was 21%
  • HUSK Organic Biochar had the highest yield increase of 26% on average across the sample (114 producers used this product)
  • 15% of farmers saw their yields increase by more than 50% when using HUSK Organic Biochar

Yield increase varied from 0 to 125% due to different crops, farm management practices and other factors not analysed for this trial.

Future trials

In future trials we will be calculating the increase in profit margin for smallholder farmers. This will take into consideration the reduction of chemical fertilizers and water irrigation costs, as well as the cost of HUSK products.   

If you would like to be a part of the HUSK solution, you can invest in our carbon removal credits. For just 30€, you will help to create 750kg of HUSK Organic Biochar, which will remove 1 tonne of carbon from the atmosphere, increase crop yields for smallholder farmers in Cambodia and improve 1,000 m2 of soil.