The challenge

The vicious cycle of climate change and food security.

Rice is a staple food for 60% of the world’s population and demand is growing, expected to reach 10 billion people depending on rice as their main source of food by 2025. Today 1,5 billion people depend on rice production for their income, and over 50% are women, often earning less than 3 USD per day.

These smallholder farmers are the hardest hit by climate change, with degraded soils and increasingly unpredictable weather threatening their  livelihoods, and yet they produce most of the world´s food. At the same time 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated by agriculture with  nitrogen fertilizers and poorly managed biomass making a significant contribution.

One third of the planet’s land is severely degraded and fertile soil is being lost at a rate of 24 billion tonnes per year due to intensive agriculture.  Food security is an increasing risk for our children.

Ba Phnom, Prey Veng, Cambodia. Photos by Yeeyuen Kwong.