HUSK is the leading producer of carbon based fertilisers and  natural pesticides for smallholders

We are a high impact social enterprise that makes and sells biochar based products and supports others to do the same.

Our products and services are truly sustainable. We transform agricultural waste products into highly effective inputs,  helping to boost soil fertility, increase revenues for smallholders and sequester carbon.

Biochar Products

We make and sell biochar based products for smallholder farmers. Biochar is charcoal made from plants that improves soil quality and increases crop yields by enhancing water holding capacity, nutrient uptake and fertilizer efficiency as well as stimulating microbial activity in the soil.  We are a growing business addressing the global need for regenerating soils.

Carbon Credits

Biochar has been recognised by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as a highly scalable carbon sequestration solution. For every tonne of biochar produced we remove 1.56 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and we sell our capacity to do this as carbon removal credits, which helps our products be more affordable for smallholders.

Carbon Farming Hubs

We are scaling up our capacity to build soil, sink carbon and improve lives by sharing our knowledge and experience with organisations and communities across the world. We provide technical advice and hands on support to integrate biochar production and application into long term solutions for soil degradation, poor yields and low smallholder incomes.

Our Impact

Land improved (thousand m2)
CO2 sequestered (Tonnes)
Livelihoods impacted


HUSK was co-founded by Heloise Buckland and Carol Rius, two impact-driven social entrepreneurs who bring together 20 years experience in sustainability and business. They have created a diverse, international team committed to building soil, sinking carbon and improving lives.

Nest City Lab, Carrer Àlaba 100, Barcelona
Cambodian Organic Farm Enterprise, NR2, Phnom Penh
+34 675 446 373 / +855 92 632 524