We want to see a world with living soils, healthy crops, fair wages for farmers and climate justice

We take action.
We tackle climate change

HUSK is based on the strong conviction that the private sector has the power to combat social inequality and tackle climate change. That is why Heloise Buckland and Carol Rius co-founded this innovative, impact-driven business in Barcelona (Spain), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

To date we have improved revenues for rural communities across Cambodia, due to better soils, higher yields and lower input costs as well as regenerating soil and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Our team includes agronomists, biologists, engineers and experts in biochar and regenerative agriculture… but above all, we are a group of committed individuals who want to make a difference.

We are impact-driven. We care

We bring together 20 years’ experience in sustainability and business that has enabled us to create long-term solutions to the vicious cycle of soil degradation, poverty and climate change, and meet the needs of smallholder farmers who need to grow food with limited land and resources.

It is well known that biochar was a common practice to enrich soils for many traditional communities across the world. We apply this ancient knowledge to today’s reality where on the one hand we see an accumulation of biomass, and on the other very depleted soils.

At HUSK, our process starts with rice. The rice plant absorbs carbon dioxide, and we use the husk to create products for the soil: organic biochar, carbon based fertilizers and biopesticides in Cambodia, using a smokeless process known as pyrolysis, we have created the world’s first biochar plant in a rice mill. When the farmers apply our products on their crops, the carbon is buried in the soil, where it remains for hundreds of years.

We are supported by major allies

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If you want to distribute our products or have additional questions, please contact us. We’re here to help. We look forward to hearing from you!
Nest City Lab, Carrer Àlaba 100, Barcelona
Office: Workspace 1, #1159 National Road 2, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh
Production site: AMRU Rice Mill, NR6, Kampong Thom, Cambodia

HUSK VENTURES SL within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, it has had the support of ICEX and co-financing from the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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