The chemical-free protection for horticulture against pests and diseases

NIR is a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. It contains more than 300 organic compounds that repel insects, prevent infection from fungal, bacterial and viral diseases.

HUSK NIR offers powerful protection against common horticultural pests.

Its chemical-free concentrated formula safeguards plants, promoting their health and the environment.

The distinct smoky aroma shields mature crops from aphids, thrips, and whiteflies, ensuring crop safety.

Versatile and applicable throughout the growth cycle, NIR provides comprehensive defense until harvest.

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NIR Results and benefits

“Report on wood vinegar application Trial” Hiroshi Kodama, MAFF ( Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, Advisor /JICA Expert, August 2022

Crop types and applications

NIR it’s non-toxic and suits:

Experience the ultimate defense for your crops with HUSK NIR. Our convenient foliar spray application method ensures easy and effective use, preventing both insects and diseases.

NIR is the perfect fit for your needs whether you’re an organic or conventional farmer, protecting your plants from the early stages until they reach maturity.

Just remember, for optimal results, avoid application during flowering and strictly follow our recommended label rates and application directions.

NIR formula

HUSK NIR contains more than 300 organic compounds collected drop by drop from biochar production.

Ideal for

Preventing insects and reducing the use of pesticides
Stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms
Harvesting tasty fruits

HUSK experts recommend

Start application early in production before pests arrive, to prevent pest damage.
Spray until all leaves of plants are completely covered and re-apply after rainfall.
How to apply and recommended dosage

HUSK quality

Our NIR  is made in Cambodia (Kampong Thom Province) with Ecocert certified organic fair trade rice husk as the only ingredient.

Using our products is one of the most viable, scalable ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere (contributing to climate change) and sinking  it back into the soil for hundreds of years!

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Production site: AMRU Rice Mill, NR6, Kampong Thom, Cambodia

HUSK VENTURES SL within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, it has had the support of ICEX and co-financing from the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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